Channeling the Fetus - What Does It Mean?

נכתב ע"י: 
Noa Gal

The idea of channeling the fetus is foreign to many. It was strange for me too -- until I tried it.

According to the dictionary, Channeling is "the practice of professedly entering a meditative or trancelike state in order to convey messages from a spiritual guide(1)." I see channeling as a mediator or an interpreter between a client and the unseen world. Channeling allows me to connect to the other person's feelings, physical pains, and viewtheir past and future. I use this information during emotional therapy sessions and to respond to their questions. Nevertheless, channeling the fetus is not a common type of psychic reading.

Out of curiosity, I decided to try and channel my sister-in-law's fetus. During the session, I was aware of how the fetus felt physically within the womb. What the fetus sensed and its thought about the noise and activity outside the stomach. It's relationship with the mother. The type of birth the mother would have. Finally, I could feel the characteristics of the future child. For a year and a half I followed up on my niece and another fetus I channeled at that time to see if some of my predictions came true. In addition to the predictions being correct, the channeled information helped the mother understand her child and the child's reactions (i.e. fear the emotion read in the channeling session) to situations as the child grew,. After these experiences, I felt that I could offer this service to others.

I tend to only channel fetuses over 12 weeks old. During the first trimester the fetus's body is forming and developing. It is during this point that the soul waits to see whether the body will survive and be strong enough to carry out the pregnancy and birth. I respect this process and begin channeling after the ensoulment, the infusion of the soul with the body(2) .

An expectant mother contacts me during different stages of their pregnancy for different reasons and the channeling reading reflects and answers her worries / curiosities. A typical session flows as follows:

1. Mother Nature - I begin with connecting with Mother Nature. Mother Nature supplies us with the plants and animals from which we receive our nourishment. She also provides me with the present nutritional health of the expectant mother, a time when proper eating habits are vital. Is she eating something that is harming the body? How to overcome gas / heartburn / etc? Can she add something to her diet to compensate for the lack of a certain nutrient, or are vitamins the solution? The answers are very personal and individual to the mother.

2. Body Reading- This is a technique where I psychically enter the body of the client and scan them from head to toe telling them how they feel both physically, spiritually and emotionally. I take extra time to look at the physical difficulties of the expectant mother. I check to see how we can release some of the back and leg pains in the body. What are the best sleeping positions for her and what personal house items she may have to assist her, like the living room pillow. I also verify her emotional status with regards to the pregnancy and birth and see if we can relief some of her fears and anxieties.

At this time we also verify the relationship between the family members and the newborn baby. How will the new father react to the baby? Will it take him time to bond with the newborn and if so, how long? How to help him adjust? How will the siblings accept someone new in the family and how to prepare them for the experience? What I find most interesting is the fetus's future role in his/her parents' lives. Each soul chooses his/her parents to assist him/her in life lessons and in return will enlighten something in one of his/her parents, some issue the parent still needs to contend with. What is the issue? How will it affect the parent and family system? I think this information is very crucial as it prepares the family for possible future dramas or difficulties.

3. The Fetus - Many mothers are most interested in learning about their baby. This is the third part of the channeling session. What does the fetus feel inside my womb? What kind of personality does he/she have? What is his/her role in the world? What kind of birth will s/he have? In what kind of environment would be best for the birth? Is a dula a good idea? The questions that come up and the messages that are sent from the fetus to the mother are so unique and personal that no two sessions are alike.

Channeling the fetus is an amazing experience for me and for the expectant mother. The fetus offers pure energy which is felt during the session by both of us. I believe that each mother has the ability to connect with her fetus. Some just need a little help recognizing the connection as that with the baby within their womb.


2) The Christianity and Hinduism believe ensoulment occurs during conception. The Islamic belief is that ensoulment occurs 120 days after conception. This is similar to the scientific theory that the connection occurs when the fetus's brain accumulates enough cells to transmit and receive signals around the third or fourth month of pregnancy, at which point conception is finally accepted by the mother's body. Interestingly, the Jewish thought doesn't concern itself on when the ensoulment occurs but rather the quality of the soul that is inserted into the fetus.

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