Reiki for pregnant women and newborn babies

נכתב ע"י: 
Ella Wohl-Teomim

Reiki is an energetic healing technique that relieves pain And chronic illnesses, it alleviates stress and improves the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The Reiki energy is the energy of life and love that balances and reunites us with our inner natural harmony. Reiki influences the person in the physical, spiritual and emotional realm and so Reiki is a spiritual path to people that exercise it on a regular basis. Reiki can help us deal with the everyday hardships and enables us and the people close to us better health physically and emotionally. The treatment itself is usually a gentle lay of the practitioner’s hands On the patients body, but it can also be conducted from afar.

When you treatment a pregnant woman with Reiki, the treatment may Alleviate some of the uncomfortable symptoms that occur during the beginning of the pregnancy such as morning sickness, dizziness, tiredness, hormonal changes etc. In addition, Reiki can relieve pain that the pregnant woman feels towards the end of her pregnancy, in those last months when the baby is already heavy and she may frequently experience breathing disorders, sleeping disorders, difficulty in movement etc.

In many cases, Reiki has been proven that it reduces labor pains and has a soothing effect for women during labor. Because of that, Reiki can be used in times of contractions, and it has been found to be very effective on easing the pain of women who are interested in natural births, without the assistance of epidural sedation. After the birth Reiki is very helpful to the new mother who may be suffering from abdominal pain and hormonal changes in her body. It is also very effective in relieving the pain after a cesarean procedure.

Since Reiki affects the fetus in the womb as well, it is important to indicate that fetuses love getting Reiki treatments. In many cases, while the mother is getting a Reiki treatment, they feel the Reiki energy and they will move and kick enthusiastically. They want more and more of this wonderfully gentle energy. From my personal experience, fetuses that got treated with Reiki on a regular basis while they were still in the womb come out as very calm babies.

If the mother was initiated as a Reiki healer, she can treat her newborn baby and thus ease his transition into a loud and colorful world that is so new to him from his former world which was quiet and dark.

Everyday treatment for the newborn baby will help balance his body’s systems in all aspects and will contribute to his good integration with the new world that surrounds him. Gases and other digestion problems, together with later problems with teeth growth can also be alleviated and soothed with Reiki hands. Treating the baby with Reiki will help strengthen his immune system, take down fever and treat various infections.

Reiki babies – who are babies that got treated with Reiki during pregnancy and after birth are known to be very calm babies, that are socially open and have a high ability to communicate with their environment.

Treating babies with Reiki is very simple and does not require that the mother be in a meditative state or that she has to lay him down on a treatment table. She can just put her hands on him. She just transfers the Reiki energy to him through her hands, which are big and cover vast areas of his little body. Reiki can be transmitted to the baby while sitting on a chair and hugging him from behind. If the baby is very active and does not want to lie down, she can pick him up, hug him face to face and transmit Reiki to his back. There is no need for more then 5-10 minutes of treatment. A mother’s treating her baby with Reiki is a simple process, that has no costs and most importantly, its accessible everywhere – at home, outside while taking a stroll or just while playing in the garden. To those who are initiated with Reiki2 and up, they can also send Reiki from afar while the baby is with his nanny or in a nursery.

Reiki treatments for pregnant women can be gotten from certified Reiki healers and a pregnant woman can treat herself if she was initiated to the Reiki1 level. The basic Reiki initiated lasts for 2 meetings, a couple of hours each and the cost is as much as about 3 Reiki treatments. I recommend whole heartedly to get this first initiation during pregnancy because then it has a direct positive effect on the fetus in the mother’s womb. Because the baby is part of his mother’s energetical system, the initiation will create a natural bond between the baby and Reiki. There are babies that transmit Reiki from the moment they are born after the mother received an initiation during pregnancy, but it is not always the case. That said, we should remember that Reiki babies react to their environment in a more open way and with a lot of calmness and self confidence.