Shiatsu treatments during pregnancy

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Ella Wohl-Teomim

Orthopedic shoes, pregnancy clothes and a healthy balanced diet, all these are signs of self care and nurturing that women have a tendency for during the time of their pregnancy. Women get away from massages while they are pregnant because they fear from doing damage to the fetus, of pre-birth or an abortion.
Shiatsu treatments during pregnancy bring many of the same warnings: some therapists are reluctant to conduct Shiatsu during the first three months of pregnancy, and doctors will often advise that the therapist should avoid the abdomen and lower back.

With these precautions, though, Shiatsu treatments are particularly appropriate during pregnancy. The physical and emotional stresses involved in pregnancy often lead to pain, which can be alleviated by the treatment. A therapist that is certified to work with pregnant women, takes into account the various physiological and hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy. In addition, she knows where to press in each and every stage of the pregnancy without endangering the pregnancy or the fetus. Shiatsu treatments that are done on a regular basis during the pregnancy are without a doubt one of the ways in which women can reduce physical and emotional discomfort during pregnancy and birth. It is also way for them to improve their quality of life in this special time that is so full of changes.

What is a Shiatsu treatment?
Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique, that shares part of its diagnostic abilities with the traditional Chinese medicine. Shiatsu uses finger pressure (acupressure) combined with gentle stretches and other massage techniques and includes finger pressure along the energetic pathways in our body (also called “meridians”). These finger pressures help the body to fix energetic imbalances which influence our physical, emotional and mental state.

Shiatsu treatments during pregnancy
Shiatsu treatments for pregnant women are enjoyable, relaxing and stimulating. The treatments support the pregnant woman’s need during all of her pregnancy and help her adjust to the physiological and emotional changes that occur during this very special time. A quiet space of healing is created during the Shiatsu treatment. This space enables the pregnant woman to connect on a deeper level with the baby that is growing in her womb. This connection has a positive effect on the mother and the baby, before, during and even after the baby is born.

How does Shiatsu contributes to the woman during her pregnancy:

• Reduces stress.

• Brings deep relaxation.

• Elevates the energetic levels in the body.

• Relieves muscle tension in those areas that are most effected from the baby’s growth. The most

  common areas are the back, neck and pelvis.

• Strengthens the blood flow and improves the functions of the lymph nodes to reduce puffiness and

  swelling caused by water retention in the lower part of the body.

• Relieves muscle cramps.

• Helps to elevate tiredness.

• Improves the flexibility and movement abilities of the woman.

First trimester: 1-3 months

During the first period of the pregnancy, the body goes through a lot of physical and emotional changes that can cause symptoms such as: morning sickness, swellings, fears, constipation, tiredness and more. The use of specific pressure points can help the pregnant woman deal with these changes in a better way.

Second trimester: 3-6 months

This is usually a calmer period. Shiatsu treatments can help keep the woman's body in alignment while it stretches to accommodate the growing baby. Stretching and joint rotations while the woman is passively lying on the mattress can elevate muscle tension, tiredness and help relieve muscle and skeletal aches.

Third trimester: 6-9 months

We are nearing the end of the pregnancy. This is a very special time filled with excitement and anticipation. At the same time this is a period where the body weight that accumulated in the woman during her pregnancy can cause her physical discomfort and put pressure on her inner organs. In this period, fears and anxiety can lead to a lot of stress and a Shiatsu treatment can bring wonderful relief to the body as well as to the spirit and may help the woman to stay calm while expecting her upcoming birth.

After Birth – through treating the mother, we treat the baby

the post natal period is often the most neglected time for the new mother, but this is the time in which she needs the most support and reinforcement.

Shiatsu after birth can contribute to good recovery in the following means:

• Improving the flow of mother milk

• Reducing back pain and stress that accumulates in the shoulders, neck etc.

• Reducing the effects of baby blues.

• Relieving pains and health problems that often occur after medical procedures during the birth such

  as the use of vacuum, forceps, C sections and more.

Shiatsu treatments during and after pregnancy contribute a lot to the woman’s well being. This is a time full of changes that occur in the woman’s body. That is why it is important to get treatments for support. Many women are very cautious about getting treatment during pregnancy because they are afraid of it harming them or the baby, but getting a treatment from a certified practitioner is perfectly safe and I hope I succeeded in explaining the importance of the matter so that cautiousness will turn into an excited expectation towards your next Shiatsu treatment. 

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