Bach Flower Remedies


 During the treatment with Bach Flower Remedies

We are going on an intimate journey into your emotional world.

We let afloat your deepest fears and other hidden feelings that

block you from reaching your highest potential.

Together, we'll treat those problematic feelings assisted with the

Bach Flower Remedies Which will help you with infinite patience

on your way to inner peace and Natural balance

Bach flowers is the name that is used for a series of 38 flower extractions That have certain qualities that were developed in the 1930's by Dr. Edward Bach, an English Homeopath and Doctor. Since its discovery, the Bach flower series has been one of the best ways to treat problems on an emotional level.

Sedation, and assistance in dealing with feelings such as fear, pressure or worry are just a few examples of the various tools that stand by for the Bach Flower Practitioner.

The first session is consisted of a detailed questionnaire of the patient, according to which a combination of remedies will be given to the patient uniquely combined for him. Later on the sessions are shorter while I update and replenish the combination of remedies if needed.

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