Chinese Medicine


   Lets embark on a journey back in time

Where everything was so simple…

Lets join the farmer that is observing nature with awe

And endless curiosity.

Lets listen carefully to the heart beat

And look tentatively at the tongue

Lets walk the paths of the meridians

Until we reach the heart of the problem.

Lets use needle points that will tone the weakness

And points that will disperse the stagnation

Lets relax and commit to the feeling free flowing qi in our body

A feeling that’s addictive and wondrous at the same time

As the needles help our body treat itself and heal.

Chinese medicine was developed about 4000 years ago, and treats the body and spirit. After a detailed questionnaire we'll get to the root of your problem that creates your body's lack of harmony. Through the eyes of this traditional medicine

I shall focus on different energetic points in your body, and treat the problems till you'll return to your natural state of balance and harmony.

This treatment combines the use of acupuncture and consulting for your diet,

and is well suited for children, elderly, pregnant women and people suffering from overweight.

Watch this short movie on acupuncture and cupping therapy:

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