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mother.gifThe Mother

The-mother is the cosmic mother. The great Goddess. The essence of femininity, the cosmic womb. She is the mother of all being, the great entity that gives birth to all that was, is and will ever be dreamed of. She is an energy, a being, ancient and magical. She is the mother of us all, from time earlier than our first life time. She is magnificent, primary, being of love, creation and beauty. The mother has countless names, shapes and faces. In different cultures she would be named differently and would have different stories and legends connected to her. Some of her faces are famous and known to many. Some are mysterious and known only to a few. In this site you will get all the information concerning this amazing deity and how you can personally connect with her.

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expanding.jpgExpanding Reality

Through expanding your consciousness and personal knowledge you are taking responsibility and control of your life, and walking the path of personal growth. The number of paths is as big as the number of people walking them. I invite you to enter this detailed and interesting site and see how you can Expand YOUR Reality.

"We were taught to be creative and think “outside the box”. It is time to start looking inside the box, inside of us, at the multitude of layers that exist in us beyond our thoughts, and discover the levels of complexity that hide in there, way beyond the physical and mental levels that we know and can measure with modern means. It is time to expand the ways in which we grasp our surroundings, expand our perception of self, Expand our perception of Reality." (from the website)

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Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian technique for solving problems. Spiritual, emotional, material, any kind of problems. When we let go and take 100 percent responsibility, our life changes. The website is filled with audio recordings and interviews with Dr. Ihaleakalá, with articles by Mabel Katz and much information about this amazing technique that is known as "the secret behind The Secret". I invite you to explore what else is here for you on this Ho’oponopono website.

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! Get and stay informed about your health and the baby's development - plus let's not forget the all-important baby gear! This site has an in-depth and comprehensive resources for all nine months.

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