While lying on a mattress, I shall use your energy lines

Listen to your body and focus on pressure points.

From there I'll continue to massage your body's energy centers.

Massaging those centers will revitalize the body, calm it

and contribute to a better usage of your natural resources.

This massage relieves stress and fatigue,

and strengthens your body's natural immune system.

After the treatment you'll be embraced by a feeling of optimism

and total harmony.


It is believed in japan that the human is consisted out of a physical and a spiritual body. Shiatzu is a Japanese art of treatment that channels a spiritual energetic flowand harmonizes the body by pressing special energetic points.

Using finger pressure and stretching techniques to reduce stress and support the body's healing powers, Shiatsu works the energy meridians of the body, helping to release blocked energy, improve circulation and increase immune function.

If you are pregnant, please press here for additional information on Shiatsu during pregnancy